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Kure Bazaar

Complete your outfit with the newest nail polish colors from Kure Bazaar. This brand brings vibrant colors, nail polish remover, base and top coats and a manicure and pedicure set to nourish the nails, cuticles and hands. We've selected every color from Kure Bazaar that the modern woman needs as finishing touch. Add color to your hand and toe nails and create your own nail salon at home. Discover all products from Kure Bazaar and go for super shiny nails in your favorite color!

Kure Bazaar

The nail polish brand Kure Bazaar is founded by former model Kartika Luyet and eco-entrepreneur Christian David. The duo developed the Kure Bazaar products you can find in our online shop, because Luyet was pregnant and was more conscious of what she was putting in and on her body; including cosmetics. The Kure Bazaar selection in our online shop has a formula with long-lasting, quick drying and super shine properties. The colors are inspired by the catwalks every season. You can find all vibrant colors from Kure Bazaar in our online shop - pick your favorite!
Kure Bazaar
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