3 reasons to invest in leather

Leather jackets, pants, bags or boots – we love them, but they are quite an investment. Yet, it’s better to invest in a leather jacket that lasts for years than in a fleeting trend item that you’ll forget after wearing it a few times. Today we show you why leather items are an investment for life, including styling and maintenance tips! 

1.Timeless and suitable for every age

Whether you’re twenty, forty or seventy years old – leather suits every age and clothing style! There aren’t many items of which we can say with certainty that they will be worn for seasons to come, but leather items surely belong to that group! You’ll see that the leather jacket you buy now, will still belong to your favorites years later. Do you feel that leather worn at an older age, can come across looking a bit harsh? Then opt for leather in a different hue such as dark green, blue or beige. Or add refinement to your look with a feminine print scarf to tone down the harshness.

2. Perfect for every style and occasion

Anyone who thinks that leather can only result in tough looks, is wrong. You don’t have to give up your personal style when it comes to combining leather, because leather is surprisingly easy to team-up with all your wardrobe favorites. You’ll find yourself wearing it time after time! Whether you opt for a casual, business or festive look – leather is the answer. Combine leather with silk for a classic look or team with chunky knits or denim for a more casual look. When you really want to make a fashion statement, go for an all-leather look!

3. Ages beautifully over time

Although we all love the 'fresh feeling' of new clothes, this doesn’t count for leather items. The more worn your leather is, the more it will ‘tell’ your personal story. A leather jacket of good quality becomes more supple and conforms to your body with a perfect, fully personalized fit as a result – a garment can’t get any more personal than that! We give you the tips & tricks you need to keep your leather garment in perfect condition for as long as possible.

1. Avoid direct sunlight
We can’t live without, but leather items don’t like direct sunlight. Make sure you don’t leave your leather garment in the sun for a long period of time or near a window when storing. This way you prevent your leather from drying out or bursting.

2. Let leather breathe
Leather stays at its best when it gets the chance to ‘breathe’ so that the fibres don’t get stifled and maintain their natural shine. Leather needs its space, so don’t hang your garment in a crowded wardrobe and never fold the garment. 


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3. Pay attention to the air humidity
We all know that rain is no friend of leather, but leather is also very susceptible to the humidity of the environment. Never store your leather item in a room that’s too humid or dry. Those silly silica gel bags that you get with a new bag - that often end up in the garbage can - are the solution! They absorb just the right amount of moisture. Simply put them the pockets of your leather garment when storing.

4. Prevent and remove unpleasant odors
The grain of leather can absorb strong odors over time. First of all, always make sure that you dry wet leather immediately with a clean cloth to prevent mold and unpleasant odors. For the removal of musty smells, newspapers offer the solution! Newsprint paper perfectly absorbs this annoying 'stale' smell because of its porosity. Make sure the item is completely dry, crumple a few sheets of newsprint and put them together with your leather garment in a sealed box for at least two days. 

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