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4 ways to combine prints effortlessly

We all like to add a playful print to our look occasionally. But for the dare devils out there, you can step it up a notch by mixing prints for an eclectic look with an instant high-fashion feel. Taking a step out of that well-known comfort zone is mandatory, but we’ll gladly show you four different methods that you can put into practice right away and that will help you prevent a much feared fashion faux pas. Quickly read on to learn more. 
We can already hear you thinking out loud that a colorful mix of different prints can also lead up to you prancing around proud of your new fashion experiment while others are secretly wondering if you’ve looked in the mirror before stepping out the door? The key word is balance and finding a connecting factor that adds an element of serenity to the entire look. We’ll help you out. 
1. Choose similar prints
Want to mix prints but don’t know where to start? Then this method is a nice one to begin with. Choose a combination with similar prints: check on check, dot on dot or leopard on leopard. Opting for prints from the same family instantly creates a coherent look, giving you more space to play around with different colors or silhouettes.
2. Think small
Willing to take on the experiment of mixing clashing prints but unsure of what to combine? Then start out small by going for a homogenic print for your clothes (think dress, jumpsuit or co-ord set) and adding a contrasting print in your accessories. Like a bag, shoes, socks/pantyhose or even a headband. Even the smallest detail can lead to the desired result.
3. Stay within the same color palette
Want to mix different prints? Then opt for a solid color palette. This will still create unity in your look. Similar colors create space to experiment with contrasting prints to your heart’s desire.
4. Contrasting prints & colors
Are you ready to go all the way in mixing both prints and colors? Then we’ve got some practical tips for you to make your choice a bit easier and prevent fashion blunders.
- Choose a black and white print as a base. These non-colors easily match with any other color and print.
- Choose one item with a tonal print - like in a pallete of different grey hues for instance. This way, you’re still be mixing prints but the combination looks more subtle. 
- Team a striking print with a classic print - like a stripe or check. The classic print will add a timeless factor to your look.
In search of more inspiration for print looks? The check out our Print Looks page. 

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