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5 ways to get that healthy winter glow

Hats, gloves, scarves and winter coats have taken up space in our wardrobes again - yes, winter is on its way. A time where not only temperatures drop to zero but also our dull complexion, chapped lips and dry skin come to the surface. When the sun shines less frequently, our skin also seems to lose its glow. Recognizable? We give you 5 tips to create radiant winter skin.

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image with artdirection

1. Peel & scrub

Dead skin cells are often the main reason for dull skin. So at the beginning of winter, treat your skin with a thorough exfoliation session to combat that dull complexion. Gently remove dead skin cells with an exfoliant, such as a glycolic or salicylic acid. Exfoliating the skin with fruit or lactic acids, enzymes and retinoids, you remove the top layer of skin without damaging it, resulting in smoother skin and a fresh complexion. In addition, smooth exfoliated skin absorbs the active ingredients from creams, serums and masks much better.

Don't forget to give the rest of your body a good exfoliation too!

2. Sun-kissed glow

Are you noticing that you are looking increasingly pale, and would you like to look more radiant? Then - after you’ve gotten rid of dead skin cells - it's time to add a subtle sun-kissed glow. Self tanner is the answer, because nowadays self tanning products are also packed with nourishing ingredients and guarantee a natural and healthy looking glow.


With a bronzer you can also add a 'touch of sun' to your daily makeup look. Apply the bronzer - possibly with a soft shimmer in it - on spots that get tanned the most in summertime; like your forehead, nose bridge, cheekbones and chin.

3. Luminizers, highlighters and glitters

When applied on the right spots, a luminizer adds that much-sought-after healthy glow – like you’ve just had a facial and your skin is still in that after-glow state. Exactly what our dull skin needs in the winter. Microscopically small, particles reflect back the (day)light they catch to imitate a subtle shine. Tip: For the ultimate winter glow, use a body lotion with a soft shimmer.

4. Lips don't lie

Suffering from chapped lips? PB. comes to the rescue. Use a lip scrub (a little me-time is never a crime), gently rub a toothbrush over your lips to remove any remaining skin and nourish them with a lip balm. Goodbye chapped lips and hello kissable lips! 

5. Keep moving

Last but not least, exercise is also a secret to a beautiful glow. After a long walk in fresh air, do you notice that your skin looks smoother and healthier? That may well be the case! Because a better blood circulation causes your skin to glow more. Moderate intensive exercise, that makes your heart rate go up and quickens your breathing, might also protect you against free radicals (particles that can cause skin aging). Enough reasons to keep moving and for extra motivation, discover new activewear to feel extra stylish during your walk.

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