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Discover the denim styles you want to have in your wardrobe this season! Denim is a classic and cool choice and a stylish wardrobe essential to show your personal style. Accentuate your feminine silhouette with our skinny jeans, go for a nonchalant look with our relaxed-fit jeans, create a classic silhouette with our straight-cut jeans or opt for retro vibes with our flared jeans. And do you prefer fashionable high-rise denim or do you need a pair of sexy low-rise jeans? Read below and learn more concerning our denim silhouettes and choose your all-time favorite! 

The relaxed-fit jeans jeans are a cool off-duty choice. Characterized by a nonchalant fit, a dropped crotch and wide, straight or tapered legs. These jeans are nonchalant and feminine at the same time and have a loose fit at the hips. Wear these denim pants with folded cuffs for a cool touch. Go for cool borrowed-from-the-boys boyfriend jeans or for the feminine style with girlfriend jeans. Do you have an Apple or O-line silhouette with wide hips or shorter legs? Then steer away from relaxed-fit jeans - they won't flatter your body.  
The all-time favorite of many fashionistas: the skinny jeans. These figure-fitting jeans are modern and have a second skin fit. Go for a skinny style with stretch for the perfect fit. The slim-fit legs of skinny jeans accentuate your hips and buttocks - show your feminine silhouette. 
Straight-cut jeans are characterized by the straight, slim-fit legs and are a classic wardrobe style. These jeans are perfect for most body types - with exception of the 8-line/hourglass - and can be worn with both heels and flats. Straight jeans are a particularly good choice for the H-line body silhouette. Go for a dark wash for a timeless appearance or shop a love-worn style for a contemporary look. Wear with folded cuffs to add a nonchalant twist. 
Flared or bootcut jeans are characterized by a flared or bootcut leg silhouette that create a retro element. These jeans combined with high heels optically lengthen your legs and balance your hips - a perfect choice for the A-line round.
Go for a contemporary length with cropped jeans. These 7/8 jeans show a little bit of ankle and calf skin - combine with high heels to lengthen your legs. The shorter length adds an elegant and sporty touch. Do you want to create a classic preppy look? Go for cropped denim. Wear with folded cuffs for a nonchalant style. Cropped jeans are perfect for O-line/Apple ladies with shorter legs. 
Every woman has her favorite fit. Do you go for a flattering and trendy high-rise fit, a sexy low-rise fit or do you choose a regular, mid-rise fit. Pick your favorite! 

Go for a flattering and trendy silhouette with high-rise jeans. These jeans show your feminine curves and flatten your tummy and love handles. These jeans also lengthen your legs. High-rise jeans are perfect to wear with tucked-in tops and blouses to show your feminine waist. Do you have an A-line body silhouette? Invest in high-rise denim. Do you have a V-line silhouette? Avoid a high-rise design. A high-rise design is characterized by a crotch height starting from 25 centimeters.

The mid-rise waist is the regular waist height for denim styles. These jeans are feminine and flattering and are a perfect fit for most body silhouettes. A medium waist is perfect to slightly flatten love handles. Do you have a hollow back? Wear this denim style with a belt for a perfect fit at the waist. A mid-rise design is characterized by a crotch height between 20 and 25 centimeters. 

Jeans with a low-rise waist are sexy and feminine - especially boyfriend and girlfriend fits have a low-rise design. These jeans sit low on the hips and shorten your legs. Are your legs longer than your upper body? Go for denim with a low-rise design to lengthen your upper body. A low-rise design is characterized by a crotch under 20 centimeters. 

Discover our denim styles here and shop your favorite jeans! Want to read and learn more concerning the body shapes and the do’s and don’t’s? Check out our Stylefile-Body Shapes
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