How to: 2 easy make-up looks for mature skin

Make-up can be your best friend but it can also work against you when you use the wrong techniques. Our make-up artist Carla Rep will take you into the world of mature skin make-up by creating two flattering daytime looks. 
Mature skin is in need of different techniques because the skin has less elasticity, has more wrinkles, is dryer and has more fluffy hairs. Gravitational effects on the skin also make it harder to accentuate your natural bone structure. So here are a few ground rules:
  • Take a good look at your face to pinpoint the areas where you should apply your make-up. Use your fingers to locate your bones so you know what will look most natural.
  • Always choose liquid or creamy make-up. Powders are much dryer and accentuate wrinkles and little fluffy hairs. 
For this look Carla used:
Foundation brush + liquid foundation + concealer + cream rouge
  • Add a little liquid foundation to your day cream and apply with your hands and fingers.
  • Apply a small amount of concealer under your eyes with your finger. 
Tip: choose a foundation and concealer that either match your skin tone perfectly or are one shade lighter.
  • Apply a creamy rouge with fingers or brush and blend.
Tip: dull complexion? Use a pinkish rouge for a fresher look.
For this look Carla used:
Cream eye-shadow + eye-pencil + highlighter + mascara
  • Apply cream eye-shadow on the lower part of your upper eyelid.
Tip 1: always use a matte eye-shadow. Shiny eye-shadows emphasize wrinkles.
Tip 2: try using some rouge on your eyes instead of an eye-shadow.
  • Apply dark grey eye-pencil around the eyes, focusing on the outer corners for an optical lift.
  • Apply light pink eye-pencil on the waterline for a fresh and open look.
  • Apply a bit of highlighter underneath the outer halves of your eyebrows using your fingers for an optical lift. 
Tip: use a subtle highlighter and don't overdo it.
  • To finish, apply a black mascara (brown can create a fatigue look) and use an eye-lash curler if desired.
For this look Carla used:
Matte lip pencil + pink lipstick + nourishing lip balm or gloss
  • Apply a thin line of matte lipliner in the same color as your lipstick, just outside of the edge of your lips to create a fuller look.
Tip: for a more plumped effect apply a tonal pink hue on the inside rim of your lips and a white hue on the outside rim.
  • Fill in using lipstick and blend nicely together using fingers or a brush for a natural look.
Tip: avoid matte or metallic lipsticks as they accentuate wrinkles and fine lines in your lips.
Look 2 is a continuation of look 1.
  • Emphasize the eyes with a dark grey matte eye-shadow for a smokey-eye look. Apply with an eye-shadow brush and blend with your fingers.
  • Put on an extra layer of eye pencil, leaving the inside corners of your eyes untouched for a fresh look.
  • Use a soft pink hue on the lips to put more emphasis on the eyes, or just use some gloss for a more natural look.  
Fixate your looks with a setting spray for a long lasting result.
Good skin care is the foundation of any great make-up look. Read our blog with a 5-step plan for timeless beauty inside and out.
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