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Meet the PB girls | Bianca

28 August 2015

A new week and another introduction of one of our amazing PB girls. We would like to introduce you to Bianca, member of our amazing Editors team. She has a sweet character and a passion for fashion and writing - it's a great colleague to work with! Read all about Bianca bellow.

I studied…
At the Amsterdam Fashion Institute after having finished Fashion & Design at MBO level.

My job means that…
I write copy for Perfectly Basics' different communication chanels; website, blog, social media, etc.

I wouldn't be able to do my work without…
A great and fun team, nice tunes on the background, a decent lunch and tea - plenty of tea!

An average day at Perfectly Basics…
Starts with checking e-mail and a short meeting about the days' priorities. After that I start writing about beautifull clothes (that make you really greedy!)

The coolest thing about my job is…
A nice space to work, good atmosphere, beautiful products and the opportunity to contribute ideas.

When I was young, I wanted to be...
A fashion designer. The design part shifted along the way but - after a detour - I still ended up in fashion.

My typical style is…
A lot of black, white and grey in several styles. I like brown leather, a striking print now and again and I rarely leave home without lipstick on. I've got a real love-hate thing when it comes to accessories; I sometimes can't do without a good statement piece but can also grow really tired of them at occasion and go all basic for a while.

A great basic is…
Flattering, has a timeless color and is versatile.

My ultimate basics are…
A black high waist jeans, an elegant white blouse, a long wool coat, leather gloves and fitting underwear! I hate it when underwear does the opposite of what you want it to do.

My favorite PB items are…
Ba&sh Quinoa Leather Cabas Shoulder Bag - Black

Alexander Wang Gabi Bootie with Rhodium - Black

American Vintage Massachussets Turtleneck - Black

T by Alexander Wang Shift Dress - Black

Filippa K Lola Stretch Jeans - Middark

In the weekends I love to...
Ooh too much to mention, so many things; stepping out into nature (woods or beach) with my boyfriend, our son and dog. Or spending quality time with friends; I like to cook for them and dance it all off together afterwards! But having some alone time at home watching a movie, reading and napping can be enjoyable as well - especially when I've had a good exercise just before. That can totally get me into relaxation mode!

If I want to pamper myself…
I ofcourse like to shop (what woman doesn't?) and enjoy good food - you can really get me on a high with food! When I say shopping I mean that in the broadest sense of the word - I really have a soft spot for beautiful cook books for instance.

Everyone should visit the PB Store because…
The collection really comes to life and is at its best when you feel and see the materials and detailing. We can also give you a custom made advise - how cool is that?! Its more budget friendly to stay away really, visiting our store will result in a purchase guaranteed.

★★★★★ 9,5

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