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Our 5-step guide to care for your wool garments

A wool sweater that accidentally turned into a cropped top after washing, a cardigan with extreme pilling or pants that can only be dry-cleaned, but still need a quick refresh – we’re all familiar with the issues of wool garments. Despite the fact that every garment is different and therefore requires a different treatment, there are some tips & tricks that apply for every type of wool. Need a crash course in wool care? Then quickly read on.  
Step 1: washing or refreshing?
Decide if your wool garment really needs to be washed. Wool is mainly self-cleaning because it contains a high amount of lanolin which prevents unpleasant odors and dirt to penetrate into the fiber. Trust us: in most cases, leaving your woolen garment to air in the bathroom or outside is enough for a fresh up. You could also use a refreshing fabric spray to neutralize odors.
Step 2: washing
Always check the care label*. No wool garment is the same and the way that a garment is knitted, woven or treated makes every item unique, with equally unique washing instructions. Use a special wool detergent to strengthen the fiber, maintain the lanolin level and prolong the lifespan of your garment.
Step 3: drying & steaming/ironing
If you’ve used a wool wash program with a low spin speed, the wool garment will come out of the washing machine quite wet (and heavy). This is why wool garments need to dry flat. You can speed up the drying process by using a towel and gently roll to remove excess water – without wringing! Wool doesn’t require much ironing, but if you still want to iron then do so at a low temperature and with a lot of steam to prevent fiber damage. It’s even better to use a steam device which will also remove bad odors and bacteria.
Step 4: removing pills and lint
Wool has many beautiful properties, but unfortunately pilling is also an inescapable property of wool. Luckily, pills are very easy to remove with a sweater stone, brush or wool razor. Remove pilling after every wash to make it look like new again. Read about how to get rid of pilling the easiest way here.
Step 5: store properly
Never leave a wool garment to hang, but store it folded flat to retain its original shape. When storing your winter clothes for the long run, remember that wool garments are a popular breeding ground for bugs and moths. Preferably store knits in a breathable canvas bag with a zip closure and always make sure that the item is cleaned before storing to avoid being a ‘food source’ of proteins for bugs.

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