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This is how you optimize your skin’s resistance during corona

Now more than ever, hygiene is of the utmost importance. And our skin’s condition plays a crucial role. Our skin is the first barrier that protects us against outside influences – like viruses. And did you know that our skin is also our largest organ? Enough reason to maintain its condition. We’re telling you exactly how to do that. 

Before we continue with our must-know tips, it helps to know a little more about the way our skin naturally works. Meet your microbiome: an invisible collection of good bacteria, fungi, mites and viruses that live and work together in perfect balance to make sure our skin stays healthy. And even more important: to make it more difficult for harmful external substances to penetrate our body. When this barrier is out of balance, it disturbs this mini eco-system, making us more vulnerable for corona, for instance.

1. Hydration, hydration, hydration
Our skin consists of water for 70%, so maintaining a healthy moisture level is step number one to keeping our skin healthy. Especially now that we’re spending more time indoors, our skin is prone to drying out even quicker due to heating and a dry environment. Make sure to drink plenty of water all day long and give your skin an extra hand by moisturizing regularly. Dry skin is a sign of disbalance, and dry spots and chapping create vulnerable skin that gives viruses a way in. Next to using a light moisturizer during the day, also use a heavier, more nourishing moisturizer that locks in moisture before going to bed. In general: never forget to moisturize, even when your skin doesn’t feel dry – to prevent dryness in the future.

Hydrating skincare
2. Clean mildly
It’s all eyes on hygiene at the moment so that means keeping everything around you – including yourself – clean. Use mild products that clean without being too aggressive for your microbiome. Think non-aggressive soaps for your hands and body - preferably with moisturizing ingredients - and use lukewarm water. Hot water doesn’t clean any better but can really dry out the skin.
Mild cleansers
3. Create good new habits
Routine, routine, routine - sounds boring but routines are convenient. They help you build new habits quicker, which in turn enables an optimum result. We’ll gladly put all skincare tips in a row for you to make creating a new routine easier.
Our corona routine plan:
- Never skip moisturizing your hands after washing.
- Scrub your hands once a week to prevent dry spots and moisturize with a heavy moisturizer afterwards. Exfoliated skin absorbs much better.
- Before going to bed, moisturize with a heavier lotion and put on cotton gloves for an overnight treatment.

- Cleanse your face with mild cleansers, both in the morning and evening.
- Use extra skin oil to manage dry spots.
- Apply little to no makeup on the skin beneath your mouth mask to let the skin breathe. This prevents clogged pores and inflammation.
- Shower with lukewarm water.
- Always use a moisturizing lotion, oil or cream after showering.
- Exfoliate your body once a week so nourishing ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin.
- Cover your body as much as possible for extra protection.

Stay safe!

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